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Only 44% of organizations have a process to address pay equity. Stay EEOC compliant and protect your organization from discriminatory practices with our pay equity analysis and training.

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Equal Pay Group has tools you need so you can build, grow, and sustain a more equitable workplace for your organization.


Pay Equity

Take the guesswork out of equal compensation with our pay equity analysis tool and training.

DEI Strategy

Improve company culture and productivity through creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

Workshops and

Change comes with changed behavior. Sustain your DEI goals with workshops that work with your organization’s mission.

Your playbook to a more equitable workplace.

Learn more about pay equity and DEI with these helpful resources.

Our Core Values

2020 was not ‘an awakening to injustice’ for Equal Pay Group.
Since our inception, we’ve made it our mission to center inclusion beyond gender and recognize
the intersectionality in creating equity.


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