DEI Workshops and Training

Transformation Trainings

At Equal Pay Group, we believe that progress can only be made together. We carefully crafted signature trainings that provide room for growth for all regardless of your level of exposure to DEI and pay equity. Some of our signature trainings include:

Navigating Unconscious Bias and Systemic Racism in the Workplace

This training includes:

    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion foundation
    • Overcoming unconscious biases
    • How to be anti-racist
    • Creating the workplace utopia
Becoming the Change: Equity Advocacy Through Company Policies

This training includes:

    • How to recognize disparate impact
    • Micro-changes through policy improvement
    • How to advance equity through internal strategy
About Us

As more states implement Equal Pay laws, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work is more than just a vital step for ensuring fair treatments of your workers — it is essential to the integrity of your organization.

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