Pay equity analysis

How We Help

We support HR executives in understanding pay equity and identifying wage gaps.

Our methods of support include:

    • Isolating important factors for a pay equity analysis such as job details and performance which contribute to observed pay differences. We furthermore consider the legal factors that account for pay differences.
    • Collect and interpret data relevant to pay differences for the pay equity analysis.
    • Execute multiple gap analyses to provide visibility of undetected drivers of compensation differences across business units, job categories, and protected groups.
    • Statistical evaluation to surpass traditional analysis approach of utilizing averages
    • Development of custom strategies to address potentially discriminatory compensation programs and pay practices
    • Provide detailed report to key stakeholders with extensive documentation elaborating on accounted and unaccounted pay differences
    • Formulate easy to read visuals and presentations for employees, customers, shareholders, and the media
About Us

As more states implement Equal Pay laws, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work is more than just a vital step for ensuring fair treatments of your workers — it is essential to the integrity of your organization.

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